Welcome to PeledParts LTD
PeledParts LTD supplies a wide range of over than 9500 parts to its customers
PeledParts LTD is a leading importer & distributer of OEM and After Market parts since 1978
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    PeledParts LTD is a leading global importer & distributer of OEM and After Market parts since 1978.

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    We serve our customers with our in-depth knowledge & expertise in purchasing, enabling them to receive the best quality for the best possible price

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    During our many years in the automotive parts industry we have created a chain of First Class quality partners & suppliers

Welcome to PeledParts LTD!

We all use vehicles. If it's for driving to work, if it’s going out with friends, our children take the bus to school, or If it's going out for a family vacation or dinner.

We all use vehicles all the time, rarely giving much thought to the complex, delicate machine, which gives us so much freedom.  How often do we think what is happening inside that fabulous machine?


Your car is a high engineered precision machine, built from top quality high engineered parts which interlock perfectly with one another. The ignition coil which starts the explosions in your engine, the pumps which cool & lubricate it, the immense pressure in the engine, which translates into raw power & speed.  the shock absorbers which absorb the bumps in the road, the small tie rod ends that turn your wheels at great speeds when all you need to do is slightly turn the steering wheel, let's not forget our all important brake system; the hoses, the pads, the discs, which we use all the time, never thinking about those small components which their failure would be unthinkable.

The inner world of your Vehicle is our business since 1978. Our Knowledge & expertise are keeping your love ones safe and secure. The uncompromising quality of our products & our in-depth understanding of the processes happening inside your vehicle will assure you & your family the safe way home every night.

Most people never give it a thought, they know – we do it for them. Choosing high quality precision parts, for their car & for their love ones, their safety & convenient – that is our business; this is what we know to do best for the past 40 years.

We don’t just sell parts, we sell your peace in mind, knowing we take your safety as our number one priority, one, which we will never compromise on.

As a family business we think on our costumers as part of our family, a family that should be protected by maintaining one of our most useable precision machines – our vehicle.

Shell we never forget, OUR PARTS, ARE, YOUR SAFETY

Dalton Industrial Area, 1381000
Dalton, Israel
TEL: +972-4-8144130
FAX: +972-4-8144128
MAIL: info@peledparts.com

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