About Us

PeledParts LTD is a leading global importer & distributer of OEM and After Market parts since 1978.

Since it's foundation in 1978 PeledParts LTD is owned & operated by the founding family, enabling the company to cherish its heritage of expertise and relationship with both suppliers and customers.

Since the company had been founded it imported & promoted top end brands, focusing on high quality and wide range of products, uncompromising service & loyalty to its suppliers & customers.

PeledParts holds today, in stock, over than 9500+ different reference numbers for all parts for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy duty trucks.

PeledParts range of products ranges from electrical parts thru braking systems, steering & suspension, cooling systems, mountings, rubber parts, Shock Absorbers, Timing Kits, Filters, Wiper Blades and more.


We pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge of our market, as well of our products, knowledge which had been collected at our company since 1978.

We pride ourselves in our service and loyalty, for both, our suppliers & our customers, service & loyalty which enabled us to continue doing what we do best – since 1978.

Today, PeledParts LTD is committed, more than ever, to continue its heritage of expertise and uncompromising service, extending its range of high quality products for the benefit of its customers worldwide.

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