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TRE products was established in 1978 as a Manufacturing Trading company who today are able to offer a comprehensive range of Engine Parts, Suspension Parts and Filters products for the automotive industry.

Since its inception in 1978 TRE products core activity has been the distribution of OEM manufactured parts to the Automotive Aftermarket and which provided the company with the foundations from which to launch its own range of manufactured parts and which today includes Cylinder components and Suspension parts.

During the mid 1990’s there were many developments within the automotive aftermarket business which primarily witnessed a consolidation of many of the worlds major OEM manufacturers and which resulted in many traditional products being exchanged between manufacturers.

These developments also coincided with a change in strategy by TRE products which saw the company refocus its activities on manufactured products and which today sees the company able to provide an extensive range of quality parts which are distributed under the TRE products brand.

With an in-depth focus on engineering, product development and manufacturing excellence - TRE products has been able to achieve a standard of quality which provides its customers with an unrivalled level of performance and guarantee on every item sold under the TRE products brand.

With its efforts now concentrated on its manufacturing capabilities “TRE” has been able to expand its product range and which now provides its customers with a range of products encompassing more than 10’000 items including:

  • Suspension Parts – Full product line with more than 3000 items.
  • Air, A/T, Oil, Fuel Cabin – Full line with approx 1500 items. Radiators – a comprehensive range with approx 400 items.
  • Engine parts – large range of: Rockers, Rocker Arm Shafts, Rocker Arm Assemblies, Valve Keys,Valve Spring, Valve Guides, Valve Seats All types of Water Plugs.
  • Bolts, Nuts Washers – all types.
  • Belt: PK, V-Belts Drive Belts.
  • Brake parts: Rotors - All types, Drums - 150 applications Brake pads (R90),Timing Belts, Tension Bearings, Wheel Bearings, Hubs, Fans, Oil Pans, Cylinder Heads, Water Pumps more…

With natural growth continuing to increase the width of our range we are also looking to develop and manufacture parts for new models, many of which have been introduced according to the needs of our customers.

All our products are individually marked with the "TRE" logo for identification & warranty purposes and which enables us to provide our customers with a range of competitively priced quality assured parts.

We pride ourselves on the long service and knowledge of our staff – Product knowledge, technical expertise and customer support are on hand – whenever and wherever you may need it!

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