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Cars move us – in many ways. They are objects of desire that transport us from A to B and provide us with enjoyment, as well as acting as an indicator of technical progress. VIEROL AG is dedicated to preserving this fascination with the automobile world:

  • as an internationally represented automotive supplier
  • as a specialist for electronic and mechanical car parts
  • as a problem solver for partners in 125 countries worldwide

Our quality brands VEMO - Leading air con & electronic systems and VAICO - Parts to success combine innovation and experience, technical expertise and authentic company values, our commitment to precision and passion for technology: the invisible, yet undoubtedly optimum requirements for guaranteed product quality and an internationally valued service offer.


VEMO – Leading air con & electronic systems

“We react flexibly to market developments worldwide – with high-quality products from the fields of air conditioning, electrics and electronics”. This sentence aptly sums up our working philosophy.

In a few years’ time the number of electronic components in a vehicle will be over 60 per cent. Together with the business segment, the VEMO range, which currently consists of more than 9,000 articles, is also growing. At the same time, the number of business partners is increasing steadily: Customers from more than 125 countries trust the quality brand VEMO; not least because they are convinced by the fast service, the attractive range and the constant cooperative partnership.

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