Heavy duty Trucks & Vans

When we think heavy duty cars and working vans we think durability & dependability.

We work with our cars. We serve costumers, we supply goods, and we have to stand in schedules. a broken commercial vehicle is a lost of time & money. At Peledparts LTD we understand that a working vehicle has different needs than a regular passenger car, therefore we invest time & research in sourcing the most suitable, durable parts for your commercial vehicle, this investment comes back in less "down time" and malefaction, enable our customers to serve their customers better.


We offer a special range of heavy duty parts for the heavy duty trucks & vans:

Steering & suspension: reinforced steering & suspension parts, designed to stand in the great loads of the commercial vehicle.

Filters: heavy duty filters with enlarged filtering capacity for dusty roads & long mileage.

Braking system: top of the range braking parts, from top suppliers worldwide, designed especially for heavy loads and short braking distance.

Pumps & Hoses: we hold all water pumps, oil pumps & fuel pumps, along with all hoses for water, oil and fuel.

Electric parts: Switches, Knock sensors, oxygen sensors & more.

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