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RacingTech is one of the leading Taiwanese steering & suspension manufacturers since 1986.

RacingTech is a ISO9001:2008 TUV approved factory since 1986 & have been an OEM chassis parts supplier to both Europe & USA car manufacturers since 1986.

RacingTech manufactures steering & suspension parts, at a German quality in Taiwanese costs, concentrating on high level of customer service, focusing on the customer's needs & satisfaction.

The factory is an official supplier of many OE brands & at 2005 the brand "RacingTech" was established as the factories brand for direct exporting in order to reach medium size importers which want to enjoy the benefits of an OE factory at low costs.

RacingTech is focusing on long lasting business relation with its customers, based on providing them a total solution from the development stage, in order to control the entire variables, which eventually provide the customer, the perfect solution combining cost and quality.

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