About the company

Under its MEYLE brand, MEYLE AG manufactures and markets a wide range of premium-grade passenger car, van and commercial vehicle spare parts for the independent aftermarket. The MEYLE brand's product lines are MEYLE-ORIGINAL, MEYLE-PD and MEYLE-HD.

Catering for virtually every popular vehicle application the wide range of product supplied by Hamburg-based manufacturer MEYLE features the following products:

  • MEYLE-ORIGINAL: True to OE. – This product line includes around 20,000 top-class parts.
  • MEYLE-PD: Advanced design and technology. – This product line features around 2,000 technically refined brake discs and pads distinguished by their enhanced braking performance and cutting-edge coating technology.
  • MEYLE-HD: Better than OE. – Devised by the company's in-house engineers, the MEYLE-HD line features around 1,000 products to cater for thousands of different vehicle models. Designed to provide exceptional strength and long service life MEYLE-HD parts offer enhanced performance over original-equipment designs. Unrivalled in quality and durability technically-refined MEYLE-HD parts come with a four-year guarantee.

MEYLE AG is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and operates in 120 countries supported by its state-of-the-art logistics centre in Hamburg, Germany, and a worldwide network of local offices and production sites.



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